Performance Analytics


At TPMG Consulting, we have developed an effective approach to Performance Analytics. It’s called FOCUS®. The approach is built on one basic principle: concentrate on improving those activities that enhance patient satisfaction, improve healthcare outcomes and reduce the cost of care.  Our consultants provide first hand knowledge and best practice experience to  help you:

  1.  Define core metrics for operational dashboards.
  2.  Develop a performance management program.
  3.  Provide reporting decks and documentation of analysis.
  4.  Assist with data gathering and analysis.

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Lean Transformation in Healthcare


Operational Excellence

The Performance Management Group has designed a portfolio professional services and workshops for those companies who desire to streamline processes,  eliminate waste and improve productivity.  Our Operational Excellence (OpEx) services help organizations:

  1. Enhance alignment of processes with business goals.
  2. Measurably increase productivity.
  3. Enhance the quality of work and ease of doing business.
  4. Encourage better team work across functions.

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Sustaining a profitable business requires understanding the short and longer term factors that affect your company and its industry. TPMG consultants help you look at your business and its competitive position. We facilitate the process to generate a winning strategy and translating it into operational goals and initiatives. We then provide you with a coherent performance management system so you can successfully manage your strategy well throughout the fiscal year.

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Helping You Make It Happen!

TPMG facilitates lean management coaching success through a variety of mentoring services and a change management strategy that delivers the ultimate goal of establishing a sustainable culture of continuous improvement .   Our consultants provide expert advice, assistance, guidance and counseling in order to establish lasting organizational and business improvements.   Through our combined effort, our clients leverage proven industry knowledge, experience and innovative approaches to improve their effectiveness and efficiency across the full spectrum of their enterprises.

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Lean Management Coaching


TPMG offers the healthcare industry the most effective and affordable performance improvement program in the nation - The Lean Transformation in Healthcare Delivery™ program.

Through professional services, training and certification your staff will effectively apply the concepts of performance management and continuous improvement to create and sustain a more productive, efficient and cost effective healthcare delivery organization.

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TPMG Clients

Lean Healthcare Certification Training

Through 16 units & 65 lessons, candidates learn the principles and applications which help hospitals and clinics implement a culture of continuous improvement and use methods such as lean management and practices like the Toyota Production System.

The program provides for a quality principles overview, in-depth instruction in management by fact, along with a structured performance improvement methodology used by Lean Six Sigma Black Belts and Master Black Belts world wide.

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TPMG Performance Analytics services facilitate the development of effective performance management systems in alignment with strategic priorities and performance standards.   Our consultants generate the adoption of a system of measurements and key performance indicators across the enterprise.   They  help you:

  1. Develop a performance management program.
  2. Define core metrics for operational dashboards.
  3. Provide reporting decks and documentation of analysis.
  4. Assist with data gathering and analysis.

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Lean Healthcare Training

Performance Analytics


Executive Consultants provide leadership and facilitation to the resolution for strategic initiatives and priorities.  They are advisors and thought partners who provide expert level consulting to functional areas in order to realize the objectives of senior leadership.  Their functions include:

  1. Leading high priority projects.
  2. Executive consultation.
  3. Recommending approaches to strategic priorities.
  4. Facilitating committees and task forces.
  5. Ensuring the delivery of high quality results on time.

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Executive Consultants

Special Projects


A process mapping workshop is a 3 to 5 day event where workshop participants receive expert instruction and coaching to define, design and deliver actual process improvements. The workshop divided into 3 sections:

  1. Education:  learning to improve
  2. Application:  conducting a rapid improvement event 
  3. Improvement:  generating results

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Process Mapping Workshops