Strategy Consulting Services

Our Approach


Through a simple five step process, TPMG delivers a program platform for our clients which provides growth and profits that come with enjoying a competitive advantage. TPMG consultants engage directly with clients to create a winning road map to competitive advantage. Should you select the option, our experts will facilitate the deployment of that road map to help you make it happen!

Strategy Consulting Services

Your company's strategic plan should anticipate many factors such as changing customer expectations, new business opportunities, future staffing trends, technological developments, the increasingly global marketplace and evolving regulatory requirements.  TPMG's Competitive Analysis™ consulting service will provide you the market intelligence, industry analysis and understanding to build and execute a winning strategy. 

Though understanding core competencies has its rewards, what is just as important is to understand the other side of the coin – which are core in-competencies.  Our experts can conduct a series of internal assessments.   As a result of the study, you will know those important organizational factors upon which you can build your company's future success.

After looking at your business and developing your organization's strategic objectives, the next step is implementing and managing your strategy.   TPMG facilitators will work with you to develop the strategic action plans that will support the vision and strategy you have prepared.

Once per quarter, TPMG facilitators can visit and help coordinate quarterly business & strategy review sessions.  The sessions are excellent tools for keeping leadership and employees focused not only on business results, but also on strategy execution.

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Sustaining a profitable business requires understanding the short and longer term factors that affect your company and its industry. TPMG consultants help you look at your business and its competitive position. We facilitate the process to generate a winning strategy and translating it into operational goals and initiatives. We then provide you with a coherent performance management system so you can successfully manage your strategy well throughout the fiscal year.

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