TPMG Change Management Education and Development

What are your change management objectives ?

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Become a Certified Organizational Change Management (OCM) Practitioner !

In this program of study, candidates learn to leverage and apply change management techniques including stakeholder analysis, overcoming resistance to change, readiness assessments, along with creating and executing change management plans.   As an added value, we have incorporated the fundamentals of program management so graduates can become qualified to successfully drive Change Management, Organizational Development, and Digital Transformation initiatives. 

Those who successfully complete the training and practicum of this certification program of study will become certified  Organizational Change Management Practitioners qualified to design and implement  Change Management Initiatives and Transformation Strategies. 

The curriculum is derived from five industry respected sources:

  1. The Effective Change Manager's Handbook  |  Essential Guidance to the Change Manager's Body of Knowledge.
  2. The Change Management Institute's Change Management Body of Knowledge.
  3. The Project Management Institute's Project Management Body of Knowledge.
  4. MIT Sloan School of Business | Organizational Leadership and Change.
  5. TPMG Best Practice Research Group | Primary research from the finest global corporations.


Skills and expertise you will derive:

  • Overcoming resistance to change
  • How to profile and lead varying types of change initiatives
  • Engaging and managing stakeholders
  • Developing and executing communication strategies
  • Creating and deploying change management plans
  • Training and development programs
  • Evaluating the impact of change
  • Influencing organizational culture transformation
  • Obtaining full adoption of change management initiatives
  • And much more!


Online Organizational Change Management Practitioner (OCM) Certification:

Online Live Course:  USD $2,095.00 per candidate

Each candidate will receive:

  1. 24 - 30 hours of online live instruction
  2. 170 + page hard copy manual.
  3. Change management templates for the OCM tool kit.
  4. Six months online access to the online classroom and library.
  5. 10 hours of live certification project coaching (included).
  6. Change management certification exam (included).
  7. Six+ continuing educational units (CEUs).
  8. Sixty+ professional development units (Project Management Institute PDUs).




Competency Based Leadership Education Platform©

This program is part of TPMG's Competency Based Education Platform©.  Those who successfully complete the program will not only earn an industry respected change management practitioner's certificate, but will also be awarded Continuing Education Units (CEUs).  The Continuing Education Units are globally recognized units designed to provide a record of an individual's continuing education accomplishments.  One CEU is awarded for each 10 contact hours of instruction and for time allocated toward a change management certification project.

Cohort Schedule: Live Virtual Sessions 8:30 am-  3:30pm

3rd Quarter 2024

  1. Cohort Alpha - June 11 - 13,  2024   (FULL!)
  2. Cohort Beta   - June  25 - 27, 2024
  3. Cohort Delta - July 16 - 18, 2023
  4. Cohort Epsilon  - July 30 - Aug 1, 2024

What is a Certified Organizational Change Management (OCM) Practitioner ?

A certified Organizational Change Management (OCM) Practitioner is an individual who has received formal training and certification in the field of change management.  Certification programs for change management professionals typically cover various aspects of change management theory, methodologies, and best practices.  These programs often require participants to complete coursework, pass exams, and demonstrate proficiency in applying change management principles in real-world scenarios.

A TPMG certification in change management will enhance your  competencies and credibility in guiding organizations through periods of transition and transformation.  It signifies that you have acquired a certification consistent with an industry standardized body of knowledge.  It also indicates you have demonstrated a level of proficiency in applying that knowledge to facilitate successful change initiatives.