TPMG Advanced Management Program


Designed for emerging leaders rising into positions of significant responsibility, the Advanced Management Program (AMP) is a miniMBA curriculum that teaches the essential skills and critical knowledge of strategy, finance, operations and leadership.  For one week a month, spread across 3 months, AMP participants benefit from cutting edge adult learning activities that include the case method, small group exercises, as well as leadership workouts for active learning and reflection. 


What You Can Expect


The TPMG Advanced Management Program accelerates the leadership development process by providing an exceptional opportunity for both personal and professional growth, one that empowers promising young managers to think strategically, manage cross functionally and lead with confidence.

Collaborating with accomplished peers, guest speakers from top companies, and a TPMG Leadership Coach, AMP participants will acquire the management knowledge, leadership skills, and business acumen to grow and succeed at higher levels of responsibility. While immersed in the AMP, program participants will learn to:

  • Define and interpret corporate and business unit strategies by understanding industry and market forces
  • Evaluate a company'€™s performance by analyzing its financial statements and recognizing important strengths and red flags
  • Learn how to transform operational capabilities into productive assets that create and sustain exceptional value
  • Advance personal leadership skills to build and lead a high-performance culture
  • Apply new approaches to work with and through others to systematically deliver favorable results and positive outcomes
  • Improve critical thinking skills in order to make good judgments, good decisions and solve problems
  • Become a very skilled presenter and communicator

Three Pillars of Success

Strategy & Finance

Operational Excellence

Management & Leadership

Preparing Emerging Leaders

Formulate and Manage Strategy

  • Learn the environmental pressures driving companies toward managing strategy
  • Know the kind of internal and external data a leader should analyze to develop a proper strategy
  • Understand the nature of corporate planning and types of strategies a firm can adopt
  • Learn and apply the role of senior leadership in managing strategy


  • Learn how to draw conclusions about a firm's capacity to create and sustain shareholder value
  • Analyze the adequacy of company operations to generate and sustain profitability
  • Examine a company's ability to manage its assets effectively
  • Evaluate a company's ability to service its short-term debt and long-term obligations

Operational Excellence

  • Learn a systems approach to technology, structures and organizational design
  • Select, use and examine various work flow analysis tools, e.g., value stream maps, cross functional process maps and flow charts
  • Understand and apply the principles and applications of Lean Management
  • Apply Activity Based Costing (ABC) to measure and improve the cost of significant activities

Management and Leadership

  • Understand how senior leaders create and environment for strategy execution and high performance
  • Construct a leadership system that focuses action on strategy, work systems and results
  • Learn how senior leaders measure, analyze, review, and improve organizational performance by using data and information at all levels and in all parts of a company
  • Understand people and their motivations, examine employee performance in new ways, and develop creative solutions for performance problems

Who Should Attend

The Advanced Management Program is designed for emerging leaders who fill upper middle to senior leadership roles in a company.  It also provides middle managers with the business acumen and sound judgement needed to grow and advance within a private sector organization.   Who should attend:

  • Managers, Senior Managers and Directors who have been identified as emerging leaders in a company's succession plan
  • Recently promoted from a high level individual contributor to a management and leadership role
  • An average of 5 to 7 years' supervisory and management experience or leaders with at least 3 years in a position involving clear cross-functional and P&L responsibility
  • Technical Functions:  IT, FIN/Acc, Engineering, Purchasing, Compliance, MKT/Customer Service, Sales and Healthcare
  • Entrepreneurs and professionals in small businesses who do not have the opportunity or resources to enroll in a university MBA program.

Competency Based Leadership Education

The Advanced Management Program is part of TPMG's Competency Based Education platform.  Those who successfully complete the program will not only receive TPMG's AMP Certificate of Completion but will also be awarded Continuing Education Units (CEUs). The Continuing Education Units awarded are nationally recognized units designed to provide a record of an individual's continuing education accomplishments. One CEU is awarded for each 10 contact hours of instruction.

Upcoming Sessions

Cohort #1:  Phoenix – AMP #1 2019

  • Module 1:  Strategy & Finance  4/1 – 5/2019
  • Module 2:  Operational Excellence  5/6-10/2019
  • Module 3:  MGT and Leadership  6/10-14/2019
  • Location:  Phoenix, AZ

Cohort #2: Silicon Valley  – AMP #2 2019

  • Module 1:  Strategy & Finance  4/29 – 5/3/2019
  • Module 2:  Operational Excellence  6/3-7/2019
  • Module 3:  MGT and Leadership  7/15-19/2019
  • Location:  San Jose/Santa Clara, CA

Cohort #3:  Seattle – AMP #3 2019

  • Module 1:  Strategy & Finance  8/12 – 16/2019
  • Module 2:  Operational Excellence  9/23-27/2019
  • Module 3:  MGT and Leadership  10/21 - 25/2019
  • Location:  Seattle, WA

Cohort #4:  Atlanta  – AMP #4 2019

  • Module 1:  Strategy & Finance  7/29 – 8/2/2019
  • Module 2:  Operational Excellence  8/26-30/2019
  • Module 3:  MGT and Leadership  9/30 – 10/4/2019
  • Location:  Atlanta, GA

Program Fees:

Fees:  $7,500 per participant

Program fees cover tuition, books, and case materials.

Team offer: customized team solutions and special pricing available on demand

Seating is limited.