Our  Healthcare  Improvement  Motivation

Serious and costly performance problems riddle the $2.4-trillion US healthcare system.  Because of overuse, underuse and misuse of healthcare; researchers estimate that roughly 30% of healthcare costs are generated by poor quality. Therefore, poor-quality medical care cost about $720 billion annually.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine and the Rand Corporation, Americans receive clinically inadequate or inappropriate care at shockingly high rates.  Acute care for insured adults is clinically incorrect 46% of the time.  Similarly, about 43.9% of chronic care and 45.1% of preventive care is inappropriate according to accepted medical standards.  Children receive 68% of recommended care for acute medical problems, 53% of recommended care for chronic medical conditions, and 41% of recommended preventive care. 

We  Believe  Senior  Leaders  Own The Culture

The role of Senior Leadership is three fold, they should:

  1. Set the Stage for a High Performance Culture
  2. Move from Advocacy to Alignment and Action
  3. Sustain Performance Expectations and Culture with Their Actions

We believe senior leaders not only underestimate the influence of the actions they take, but they also underestimate the influence of the actions they do not take. 

Leaders should demonstrate the appropriate decisions and actions required to satisfy strategic, performance and patient expectations.

What We Believe!

We  Believe In Using The Scientific Method to Improve Performance

Bring your healthcare delivery processes under control.   By eliminating defectsreducing variation  and  getting rid of waste  you will enhance the quality of care you provide at lower and lower costs.  Contact us today and we will share with you how to effectively achieve your mission while improving efficiency and controlling costs.   Schedule a Management Consultation.