Lean Management Enterprise  Certification

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Lean Management Enterprise Certification

Managers and directors who can apply continuous improvement tools serve as better conduits for change and improvement.  According to Glassdoor, employees who apply the skills of collaboration, change management and data analysis are among the top candidates for hiring and promotion.   This program consists of online skill based modules in critical thinking, problem solving, data analysis and collaboration.

This program is part of TPMG's Competency Based Education Platform©. Those who complete the entire program will not only receive a Lean Management Certification but will also earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs). The Continuing Education Units awarded are globally recognized units designed to provide a record of an individual's continuing education accomplishments. One CEU is awarded for each 10 contact hours of instruction.

Competency Based Leadership Education Platform©

Welcome to the only online program of its type in the world!  Based on best practices established by Dr. W. Edwards Deming Ph.D, Taiichi Ohno and Dr. Mikel Harry Ph.D; this program provides the knowledge and methods that make the greatest global corporations better.  The curriculum consists of skill based modules in the Lean Management, Deming Management Method, The Toyota Production System and Six Sigma.  The Just-in-Time training format provides the means to learn and apply new skills within 40 to 60 minutes!    In addition, the program is supplemented with online office hours from a TPMG Global© faculty member for live coaching and blended learning opportunities.

Why Choose This Program? 

Each learner has:

  • Immediate access to course work from anywhere
  • Desk reference and PDF handouts that cover all lessons
  • Engaging online lectures (live and self-paced)
  • Interactive chats/bulletin boards
  • Live online collaboration with a dedicated TPMG Global© Faculty Member
  • Interaction with classmates using technology of modern global business
  • No need for special software, Microsoft Office is all that is required

Online Live Sessions in Adobe Connect Virtual Classroom

Modules and Descriptions

Process Mapping and Flowcharting
Skills:  Learn traditional flowcharting SIPOC diagramming and process analysis.
Time Estimate:    56 min      Status: ACTIVE!
Analyzing Basic Charts and Graphs
Skills:  Visualize performance data and analytics in basic charts and graphs.
Time Estimate:    38 min       Status: ACTIVE!
Working with Run Charts
Skills:  Analyze performance data with run charts and statistical rules.  Decisions with Data.
Time Estimate:   50 min       Status:  ACTIVE!
Working with Histograms
Skills:  Construct, analyze and use histograms in performance analytics.  Decisions with Data.
Time Estimate:   30 min        Status: ACTIVE!
Cause and Effect Analysis
Skills:  Fishbone diagramming and facilitate a cause and effect analysis workshop.
Time Estimate:    30 min      Status:  ACTIVE!
Scatter Diagramming
Skills:  Introduction to correlation analysis and diagramming correlations. Decisions with Data.
Time Estimate:    35 min      Status:  ACTIVE!
Correlation and Regression Analysis
Skills:  Apply correlation and regression analysis for decision making. Decisions with Data.
Time Estimate:    60 min        Status:  ACTIVE!
Pareto Analysis
Skills:  Construct Pareto diagrams, apply Pareto analysis and the 80/20 rule for decision making. Decisions with Data. 
Time Estimate:   35 min      Status:  ACTIVE!
Statistical Process Control
Skills:  Selecting, constructing and analyzing control charts.  Conducting performance capability analysis.
Time Estimate:    107 min    Status:  ACTIVE!
Lean Management
Skills:  Introduction to lean management methods and an overview of the Toyota Production System.
Time Estimate:  34 min    Status:   ACTIVE!
Skills: Applying 5S techniques to organize for the Toyota Production System
Time Estimate:  27 min    Status:    ACTIVE!
Value Stream Mapping
Skills: Using value stream maps as both a qualitative and a quantitative diagnostic tool to analyze process cycle time efficiency
Time Estimate:  24 min   Status:   ACTIVE!
The Voice of the Customer
Skills: Ascertaining, evaluating and responding to the voice of the customer to enhance customer loyalty
Time Estimate:  25 min    Status:    ACTIVE!
Brainstorming and Affinity Diagramming
Skills: Working with and through others.  Collaborating to generate ideas and solve problems
Status:    COMING SOON!
Consensus Building
Skills: Working with and through others.  Group collaboration and teamwork for decisonmaking  and solving problems
Status:   COMING SOON!
Establishing a High Performance Culture
Skills: Steps involved in adopting a lean management program and culture of continuous improvement.
Time Estimate:  33 min   Status:    ACTIVE!
The Balanced Scorecard
Skills: Steps involved in implementing the balanced scorecard and building a strategy focused organization.
TIme Estimate:    82 min         Status:  ACTIVE!
The Deming Management Method
Skills: Steps involved in establishing a business case for improvement, root cause analysis, and implementing a cycle of improvement (PDCA)
Time Estimate:  22 min      Status:  Active!

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 Individual Subscription Rate Covers:

  • 90-day subscription to training site.
  • Lean Management Enterprise Certification by TPMG Global®.
  • Comprehensive proctored exam.
  • 2.0 CEUs awarded upon successful completion.

Corporate Subscription Options:

  • 3 Month
  • 6 Month
  • Annual

$450.00 Per Candidate