Process Transformation and Automation

Create the Workplace of the Future

Streamline Your Processes!


Through a simple 7 step process, TPMG delivers streamlined operations that optimizes human & system productivity. On average, processes become 57% more efficient and cost effective.


Make the most productive and cost effective use of your employee's time and talent.   TPMG Transformation Services ensures your company combines the workforce of the future with the work place of the future.   The services provide a powerful approach that improves productivity, velocity and responsiveness.  Most importantly, you free your employees from mundane, routine tasks and release them to perform higher priority work.

Transformamtion services to create the workplace of the future:

  • Defining and Mapping End-to-end Processes
  • Digital Transformation Initiatives
  • Process Re-engineering
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Analysis & Visualizations into Dashboards
  • Activity Based Costing
  • Rapid Improvement Events (Kaizen)
  • Enterprise Performance Management


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TPMG Consulting has combined Lean Management with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.   It creates a powerful approach that eliminates waste, improves productivity and reduces the cost of doing business.    Learn how you can:

  • Streamline processes and reduce operating cost by more than 37%.
  • Re-purpose employees to higher priority efforts.
  • Complete tasks 10 times faster.
  • Eliminate slow and time consuming interoperability failures.

Lean management is a proven method for eliminating waste and the cost that comes with it.  RPA  is an inexpensive software-based automation technology.  It sits on top of other applications, requires no special hardware, and works well in any IT environment.  RPA is powered with machine learning and artificial intelligence.  That's not all,  you also get the highest level of enterprise grade security.


Streamline Operations with Robotics Process Automation

Results You Can Expect!

  • "In the 16 case studies,  ROI varied between 30% and 200% in the first year." 
  • “In an insurer we studied, there was a particular process where it used to take two days to handle 500 premium advice notes. It now takes 30 minutes. “
  • “In every case we looked at, people welcomed the technology because they hated the tasks that the machines now do.”

 - Leslie Willcocks, 

London School of  Economics