Kaizen:  The Rapid Improvement Event


A Rapid Improvement Event (RIE), also known as Kaizen, is a simple and effective approach to quickly improve productivity and reduce the cost of operating. Through a simple six step process RIEs quickly rationalizes a work flow, eliminates non-value added activities and enhances the ease of doing business.


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Process Mapping Workshops

What is a Process Mapping Workshop?

A process mapping workshop is a 3 to 5 day event where workshop participants receive expert instruction and coaching to define, design and deliver process improvements. The workshop divided into 3 sections: education, application and improvement.
  1. Education: participants receive expert training in flow charting, cross functional process mapping and process analysis.
  2. Application: participants immediately apply what they learn by going to the organization, conducting a waste walk, producing a current state analysis and a cross functional process map.
  3. Improvement: finally, participants perform a kaizen event/rapid improvement event cycle by generating a future state process map, action plan and completing a PDCA cycle.

A Workshop Approach to Improving the Value Stream

What is a Rapid Improvement Event?

Steps in a Rapid Improvement Event:

  1. Gemba Walk: teams go to the place where the work is being done to observe and document how tasks are being completed.
  2. Map the Flow: the team creates a cross functional process map documenting the activities, roles, responsibilities, technology, and business rules.
  3. Current State Analysis: they combine the flow chart with issues, process problems and activities that create a drag on productivity. In addition, they identify waste and document non-value added activities.
  4. Solve Session: is a facilitated structured problem solving session where attendees review the current state process map, brainstorm effective and feasible corrective actions, and establish measures of success.
  5. Generate “Simulate” Future State: the future state process map is created and incorporates proposed solutions. The prototype process is simulated, by SME’s, in a walk through in order to detect unintended consequences.
  6. PDCA: a pilot study is planned with tasks, timetables, accountabilities and measurements of success.