Performance Analytics Consulting Services


TPMG's Performance Analytics consulting services are designed for you!  We partner with you and make it simple and easy to use data and metrics to measure improve performance.€   Our people will help you:

  1. Define key performance indicators.
  2. Collect and visualize data to report operational performance.
  3. Provide coaching for goal setting and developing  priorities for improvement.

Whether you desire an approach like The Balanced Scorecard or Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), we have a method  to suit your needs.


Our Approach


Through a simple six step process, TPMG delivers a system that helps you measure, analyze, review and improve operational performance with data and information at all levels of your organization.


Our consultants provide first hand knowledge and experience of best practices in both private sector and government organizations.    We deliver top-quality  services that will help your organization become more high performing and data driven.  Those services include:

  • Developing an overall metrics and analytics program.
  • Creating core metrics and operational dashboards from the executive level to the front line.
  • Deploying technology to improve performance analysis processes.
  • Providing performance reporting decks and presentations.
  • Assisting with data gathering and analysis.
  • Identifying and integrating  data mining to support business units across the enterprise.
  • Identifying improvements in dashboards, reporting and metrics collection systems.

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