Healthcare Performance Analytics Consulting Services

Performance analytics is “The operational use of data and metrics to enable clear, insightful and better quality decisions that improve future performance.”   Performance analytics involves:

  1. Collecting, aligning and integrating data to track performance.
  2. Using data to analyze healthcare outcomes, patient satisfaction and performance of key clinical and administrative processes.
  3. Using performance results for goal setting and developing  priorities for continuous improvement.

Our consultants partner with you to  create a system of measurements and key performance indicators for your clinic, hospital and system.  

Our Approach


At TPMG Consulting, we have developed an effective approach to Performance Analytics. It’s called FOCUS®.  The approach is built on one basic principle: concentrate on improving those activities that enhance patient satisfaction, improve healthcare outcomes and reduce the cost of care.  Through a simple six step process, Focus® delivers a performance management system that helps you measure, analyze, review and improve performance with data at all levels and in important parts of your organization. 

Cafeteria of Performance Analytics Consulting  Services


Our consultants provide first hand knowledge and experience of industry best practices.  We deliver top-quality  services that will help your healthcare organization become more efficient and patient focused.  Those services include:

  • Developing an overall metrics and analytics program for your organization.
  • Identifying and cascading core metrics and key performance indicators from the executive level to the front line levels of your organization.
  • Creating scorecards and dashboards that visualize performance of clinical and administrative activities.
  • Integrating a performance management system that focuses on improving healthcare outcomes, patient satisfaction and the cost of care. 
  • Recommending and supporting technology that simplifies the performance measurement and reporting process.
  • Providing reporting decks and  documentation for huddle boards and organizational performance reviews.
  • Assisting with data gathering and analysis.
  • Identifying improvements in dashboards, reporting and data collection methods.

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