Executive Consulting Services



Gain access to consultants educated at the top business schools, engineering programs and trained by Big 3 and boutique firms.  TPMG Executive Consultants provide a wide range of analytical, problem solving and delivery services for small, regional and Fortune 500 corporations.  The services include, but are not limited to:

  •   Statistical Analysis & Data Science
  •   Performance Analytics
  •   Business Case Analysis 
  •   Program Management
  •   Activity-Based Costing
  •   Earned Value Analysis
  •   Change Management
  •   Operational Assessments
  •   Technology Initiatives

TPMG Executive Consultants provide leadership and facilitation to highly strategic issues for senior leadership.  As trusted advisers and thought partners they provide experience and expertise to deliver high level priorities and resolve issues of strategic importance to the company.   They are also very useful for short term "must get it done" projects.  What ever your need, we are available to help you make it happen.


Executive Consultants - Special Projects

Problem solving, analytical and delivery expertise for the C- Suite

  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • Streamlining Processes
  • Financial Modeling
  • Initiative Management
  • Project Management
  • Risk Modeling
  • Strategy Advisory
  • Acquisition Integration
  • Strategic Initiatives

Request for Proposal:  What is your Special Project?

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